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Truck Tyres: All Segments

Truck Tyres: Goods

Delivering efficiency.

At home on roads all over the world.

The challenges for the transport industry are increasing continuously as transport routes get longer and infrastructure becomes more diverse. From congested roads and motorways to construction sites, the requirements remain the same: around the clock, reliable and cost-efficient.

Tyres designed for the Goods segment are optimised to satisfy the needs of our customers in the transport industry.

Bus and Coach Tyres: People

Driving safety.

A rolling success on every route.

Bus and coach services have established themselves as a reliable, flexible and cost-effective means of transport on Europe’s roads. Increasingly more commuters opt for the bus as an alternative to the car when faced with congested inner city traffic on a daily basis.

Tyres designed for the People segment are optimised to satisfy the needs of our customers in the passenger transport industry. 

Truck Tyres: Construction

Building success

Meeting every challenge.

Working on a construction site means every single trip is a challenge. Driving off-road on rugged terrain where the ground conditions vary from one metre to the next, often in wet conditions, both the driver and truck must be up to the job.

Tyres designed for the Construction segment are optimised to meet the needs of all our operators; whether they work exclusively off-road or mix on and off-road operations. 

Below you will find an overview of the different applications: