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Redefining the tyre market – Generation 3

Continental’s new Generation 3 represents a milestone in the premium segment of commercial vehicle tyres. Continuing the legacy of its second generation tyres, Continental is redefining the tyre market with their customer-oriented problem-solving approach. The aim of Generation 3 is to provide a tyre range perfectly tuned to customers’ applications. In doing so, our engineers have focused on specific benefits tailored to the particular segment – such as fuel efficiency, mileage, safety, comfort, and durability.


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Each passenger has his own route, but the road to success is through comfort, economy and safety. Wherever you are heading, you can enjoy these benefits with Continental's Generation 3 Bus and Coach Tyres - optimised for comfort, safety and economy in every application. 

Public transport is thriving, particularly in areas around expanding cities. Buses and coaches are flexible and comfortable, covering both local and long-distance travel. Whilst the demands made on bus and coach tyres vary depending on the individual application, those of the passengers remain the same – comfort and safety. In its third generation, Continental perfectly covers the varied work environment of everyday public transport with three new tyre lines: Conti Coach, Conti CityPlus and Conti Urban.

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In Europe alone, over 75% of all goods are transported by truck, a trend which is growing. Knowing the markets as well as we know the roads around the world, we also know that, ultimately, cost effectiveness is what matters. Bearing this in mind, we have developed Generation 3 – a tyre range perfectly tuned to customers’ applications that focuses on those benefits especially relevant for each segment. Within the Goods segment this means, amongst other things, better fuel efficiency and mileage, as well as an improvement in wet braking and noise.

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