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Continental and KAMAZ-master Expand Cooperation

Installation of Innovative ContiPressureCheck Tire Pressure Monitoring System

  • Legendary rally team will test unique tire pressure and temperature monitoring system
  • ContiPressureCheckTM enhances safety, cuts costs and ensures a longer life cycle of a truck tire
  • Continental’s commercial vehicle electronics provide competitive advantages for KAMAZ-master champions

Moscow, December 20, 2017. Continental’s cutting-edge tire pressure and temperature monitoring system for commercial vehicles was installed on the racing truck of the famous Russian KAMAZ-master rally team. This marks a new stage of cooperation between the German tire manufacturer and the race team: from providing tires only, it now extends to integrating a technology solution into the KAMAZ-truck.

Continental’s tires contributed to the team’s superior performances at Africa Eco Race, Dakar 2017 and Silk Road 2017. With the new ContiPressureCheckTM technology, the ability to monitor crucial tire parameters in real-time during the race will be another competitive advantage of KAMAZ-master in motor rallies.

Installation of Continental’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System ContiPressureCheck.

A representative of KAMAZ-master, two-time winner of the Dakar Rally Eduard Nikolayev, explained: “Rallies are a very tough sport, where tires are exposed to increased loads at high speeds, and to increased heat – which is why it is important for racers to know internal tire pressure and temperature. The route goes through cross-country, meaning that tire pressure often has to be changed between 1.8 bar in sand and 6 to 7 bar on hard high-speed terrain. Other manufacturers offer similar systems, but Continental’s product appeals to the team primarily with its high reliability and capability to monitor each tire individually, allowing the driver to promptly response to any problems and maintain high speed, or lower a speed, if the tire is overheated.”

Ilya Suslov, Continental’s ContiPressureChek specialist explaining the components of the system.

How does ContiPressureCheckTM work?

The ContiPressureCheckTM system continuously monitors tire pressure and temperature in all of the vehicle’s tires with the help of tire sensors. Such sensors can be easily installed in any tubeless commercial and truck tire (≥17.5”). Each sensor has a self-contained battery providing uninterrupted operation for six years or 600,000 km mileage. Signals from the tire sensors are transmitted to a central control unit on the truck that analyzes and interprets the information and either displays it in the driver cabin or sends it to a connected telematic system. The system can be used on multi-axle vehicles with various wheel configurations.

Expanding the cooperation between Continental and KAMAZ-master.

The need for such a system becomes clear when looking at breakdown and accident statistics. Alarmingly, a fifth of all truck breakdowns are caused by tire issues. Out of these tire-related breakdowns, 90 percent were caused by gradual pressure loss resulting from an undetected tire puncture. Research has also shown that one in four truck tires has about 10 percent lower pressure than recommended, which will already decrease fuel consumption by around 3 percent. Thus, ContiPressureCheckTM can help save fuel costs and reduce emissions.

Mounting the tire sensor that continuously measures tire pressure and temperature.

A substantial contribution to safety, ContiPressureCheckTM not only cuts down fuel consumption and reduces downtime due to maintenance and repair, it also helps prevent possible severe road accidents.

Ilya Suslov, Continental’s ContiPressureChek specialist

Ilya Suslov, Continental’s specialist for ContiPressureCheckTM in Russia, said: “KAMAZ-master has been a partner of Continental for a long time now. The racing team has already successfully tested our series-produced tires in heavy-duty conditions such as the outstanding Continental HCS 14.00 R 20. There is now a chance to test Continental’s series-produced tire pressure and temperature monitoring system in an extreme race and demonstrate its efficiency. Information on pressure and temperature is displayed in the cabin, and it can be transmitted remotely with an extra module. The data can be then easily integrated into any telematics system. Continental already supplies ContiPressureCheckTM to transport companies worldwide, and now it has a unique opportunity to get feedback from top-class engineering professionals and athletes of one of the world’s best motor racing teams.”

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