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Customers Agree That Continental Winter Tires Provide First-Class Safety and Traction

  • Winter tires from Continental offer impressive reliability
  • Tailor-made winter tires for optimal braking and safety even on icy roads
  • Continental winter tires easily surpass requirements for M+S and 3PMSF symbols

Hanover, October 18, 2016. In cold weather Continental recommends fitting winter tires on all axles of trucks and buses. This is because in wintry conditions, standard tires reach their limits very quickly even if they bear the M+S symbol. In many European countries, the minimum legal requirement for tires suitable for winter use is usually limited to the drive axle and stipulates that tires must feature the M+S symbol. Continental's portfolio of winter tires for commercial vehicles offers tailor-made tires that stand out from the competition thanks to optimal traction and high lev-el of driving safety that they provide even on cold and wet, snowy, or icy roads. Not only do Con-tinental winter tires with the snowflake symbol on the tire wall easily outperform M+S tires, they also significantly exceed the requirements of the "Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake" symbol (3PMSF). The concept of tires working in harmony with each other is based on many years of experience and practical knowledge gained in Scandinavian countries, where genuine winter tires are always fitted to commercial vehicles before the onset of winter.

Here is what customers are saying about the Continental winter tire range: 

For the safety of its drivers and all road users, Swedish transport company BÖRJE JÖNSSON ÅKERI AB puts its trust in Continental winter tires when roads are snowy and icy.

Maximum traction, even on hills

Jonny, Tire Technician at international transport company BÖRJE JÖNSSON ÅKERI AB, based in Helsingborg, Sweden: "Our company does long distance transportation throughout Sweden and Norway. For the safety of all road users, not to mention our drivers, we need the best tires available on the market. With Continental winter tires, our drivers feel a noticeable difference. Come snow or ice, our trucks keep moving and never get stuck, even on hill starts. With Continental winter tires, we can cover up to 180,000 km over two winters, and our drivers feel safe at all times."

Mats transports specialty gas for BÖRJE JÖNSSON ÅKERI AB throughout Sweden and Norway and knows that his Continental winter tires will provide outstanding performance even on icy roads.

Safe journeys on icy roads

Mats, driver at BÖRJE JÖNSSON ÅKERI AB: "I transport specialty gas to destinations all over Sweden and Norway. Wherever my travels take me, I can rely on my Continental winter tires. I remember a situation last winter, when the road was suddenly covered in a sheet of ice topped by a layer of loose snow. While all the other drivers ground to a halt and had to fit snow chains, I simply pressed the accelerator and drove on. That says it all."

Headquarters:Helsingborg, Sweden
Fleet:300 vehicles

The general manager of Swedish transport company KM Göransson has relied on the maximum grip and excellent stopping power of Continental winter tires for more than eight years.

Excellent braking and reliable on every trip

Christian Göransson, owner of Swedish transport company KM Göransson, based in Alvesta: "My company is a family-owned company that has been transporting wood chips throughout Sweden since 1940. We had previously tested other winter tires, but we have used Continental winter tires ever since fitting them to our vehicles for the first time, eight years ago. Every day of every winter, there is at least one situation in which it all comes down to having the right tires, when you simply need maximum grip and the best possible stopping power. When this happens, our drivers can keep calm, because they know that they are driving vehicles with Continental winter tires – and they never disappoint."

About KM Göransson 
Headquarters:Alvesta, Sweden
Fleet:7 vehicles

The comprehensive winter tire portfolio from Continental includes tailor-made tires for trucks and buses that provide maximum driving safety on snow and ice. 

Continental presents its winter tires for trucks and buses in a new brochure, which uses augmented reality technology for the first time. Mobile devices can be used to get a clear picture of the benefits and performance characteristics of the tires. You can download the winter brochure via the following link:

Continental offers a portfolio of modern winter tires, one of the most comprehensive tire ranges on the commercial vehicle market and one that contributes to safe driving on snow.  

Continental winter tires for long-distance and distribution transport – size 22.5:

Steering axle                             Drive axle                                   Trailer axle
355/50 R 22.5 XL295/60 R 22.5385/55 R 22.5
385/55 R 22.5315/60 R 22.5385/65 R 22.5
315/60 R 22.5 XL275/70 R 22.5
385/65 R 22.5315/70 R 22.5*
315/70 R 22.5295/80 R 22.5*
315/70 R 22.5 XL315/80 R 22.5*
295/80 R 22.5

315/80 R 22.5

Continental winter tires for volume transport and heavy loads – size 19.5:

Steering axle                              Drive axle                                   Trailer axle


445/45 R 19.5

Continental winter tires for distribution transport – sizes 17.5 and 19.5 (Generation 3):

Steering axle                              Drive axle                                    Trailer axle
Conti Scandinavia HS3Conti Scandinavia HD3Conti Scandinavia HT3
265/70 R 19.5265/70 R 19.5265/70 R 19.5
285/70 R 19.5285/70 R 19.5285/70 R 19.5
Conti Scandinavia LS3Conti Scandinavia LD3Conti Scandinavia HT3
215/75 R 17.5215/75 R 17.5215/75 R 17.5
235/75 R 17.5235/75 R 17.5235/75 R 17.5

245/70 R 17.5

Continental winter tires for buses:

Steering axle                                  Drive axle
Conti UrbanScandinavia HA3             Conti UrbanScandinavia HD3
355/50 R 22.5 XL275/70 R 22.5*
HSW2 Coach
295/80 R 22.5*
295/80 R 22.5 XL*
315/80 R 22.5

*Also available as ContiRe

The updated European regulations concerning winter equipment for trucks and buses can be found on the Continental website via the following link:

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