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Continental Announces Commercial Tire Information and Management System “ContiConnect”

  • ContiConnect provides fleet managers with transparency on the tire performance in their entire fleet and helps initiate corrective actions if needed
  • Overall driving costs are reduced by increasing the fleet’s mobility and efficiency through productivity gains and less administration effort in tire management
  • Powerful digital solution for commercial fleets will be available in key markets worldwide from Q2 2017 onwards

Hanover, September 21, 2016. Continental, the worldwide premium tire manufacturer and technology company, announced today at the 66th International Motor Show (IAA) Commercial Vehicles in Hanover the launch of a tire information and management system for commercial fleets. The new offer, called “ContiConnect” monitors, analyzes and reports tire pressure and temperature for the entire fleet based on data collected by the proven ContiPressureCheck sensors. ContiConnect notifies the fleet manager and offers corrective measures if needed, for instance through a Conti360° service partner. An online portal provides transparent reports on the fleet’s tire performance and overall efficiency. With its launch in Q2 2017, ContiConnect will be available in key markets in Asia Pacific, Europe and The Americas.

The online portal of ContiConnect provides transparent reports on the fleet’s tire performance and overall efficiency.

“With ContiConnect we take a huge step forward in our evolution from a premium tire manufacturer to a solutions provider. We enrich our long-term experience in the tire industry with data created by sensors in our truck and bus tires”, stated Nikolai Setzer, member of the Executive Board at Continental and head of the Tire division. “For our customers this means a change from manual and routine tire care to automatic monitoring and targeted care. They profit from our unique combination of competences: with profound know-how on tires as well as on sensors and vehicle-related in-house data. This makes Continental the perfect partner in an ever digitalizing logistics world”, said Nikolai Setzer at the IAA.

The system can work in multiple set-ups to connect all tires in a fleet: It is applicable with both vehicles that are on the road for numerous days in a row as well as with those returning for daily check-ups. In combination with the modular design of ContiPressureCheck, it allows for the collection of data with a stationary receiver in the depot or with a receiver unit in every vehicle on a real-time basis, whilst on the road. Should the tires reach a critical level, ContiConnect sends an alert and offers the respective service, such as a tire change, for immediate and convenient activation through the fleet manager. With the enhanced transparency of ContiConnect, tires get more mileage, longer durability, and they can enable greater fuel savings. For the entire fleet this means higher uptime, less maintenance, and overall success in mobility and efficiency.

ContiConnect provides fleet managers with transparency on the tire performance in their entire fleet.

ContiConnect works with both retrofitted and factory-fitted ContiPressureCheck sensors such as those included within the new Continental iTire. iTires are produced in Continental’s tire plants, starting in Púchov, Slovakia. They can be ordered conveniently in 22 articles when purchasing a new vehicle or when tires are being replaced. The range of iTire sizes will be increased continuously.

The ContiPressureCheck system, which give input to ContiConnect, are compatible with a broad variety of fleet management systems on the market, including solutions which come from different original equipment as well as aftermarket manufacturers. 

Further information about Continental’s appearance on the International Motor Show in Hanover is available on our IAA web page at:

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