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Retreaded Tyres Especially Developed for the Waste Collection and Recycling Sector

ContiRe CityService

  • Continental offers new hot retreaded tyres specially for waste collection vehicles
  • Optimum durability thanks to dual-sided reinforced sidewall
  • ContiRe CityService HA3 for use on all axle positions
  • ContiRe CityService HD3, specially for the drive axle and optimum traction

Hanover, January 29, 2015. The premium German tyre manufacturer, Continental, is for the first time offering the new ContiRe CityService, a hot retreaded tyre exclusively developed for vehicles in the waste collection and recycling sector. The ContiRe CityService HA3 is extremely robust and flexible on all axles to meet the highly demanding conditions of the sector. The hot retreaded tyre, whose compound is especially cut and tear resistant, also makes a positive contribution to the environmental footprint of waste management companies.

Tyres for vehicles used in waste disposal face tough challenges. Narrow cornering, frequent acceleration and braking, maneuvering in tight spaces, and repeatedly driving up to and mounting curbsides put vehicle tyres under enormous pressure. To meet these special requirements, Continental has developed with the ContiRe CityService HA3 a tyre, which guarantees optimum durability and long service life thanks to an innovative tread structure and a specially adapted rubber compound. Moreover, the tread profile is non-directional so the ContiRe CityService HA3 can be used flexibly on all axles. This means that the potential of both reinforced sidewalls can be fully exploited. The tyre gets its necessary stability from the closed shoulder design. Stone ejectors integrated in the tread groove quickly throw out stones that have got caught up.


ContiRe CityService HA3 for all axles, ContiRe CityService HD3 for use on the drive axle. The new ContiRe CityService was specially developed for use in waste collection and it meets the tough requirements of this sector thanks to optimum durability and a long service life.

The ContiRe CityService HA3 is a leading example in terms of recyclability and sustainability, which play a particularly important role in waste management. The hot retreaded tyre is produced in the ContiLifeCycle plant in Hanover. Hot retreading uses significantly less precious resources, like natural rubber, compared to new tyre production. The waste energy produced is reduced by up to 70 percent and this also improves the carbon footprint. What is more, waste quantities can be reduced by more than 80 percent and significant CO2 savings can be achieved using a special rubber recyclate, for which already cured tread powder is devulcanised again in an innovative process.

The ContiRe CityService HA3 has a Visual Alignment Indicator (VAI) to help detect incorrect wheel alignment on trucks and trailers at an early stage. The premium tyre also includes sidewall abrasion indicators and an M+S mark. As with all Continental tyres, the ContiRe CityService is constructed on a special premium carcass with a patented AirKeep® inner liner to prevent gradual loss of air. The four-layer triangular belt and an especially robust bead construction guarantee a long and reliable service life.

The ContiRe CityService HD3 was specially developed for the drive axle for optimum traction in particularly demanding environments. Its block-type tread is non-directional. The tyre with both reinforced sidewalls can therefore be flexibly used on both axle sides. In addition to the stone ejectors, the ContiRe CityService HD3 also has a special tie-bar, which guarantees additional stability when cornering. The same manufacturer warranties apply to the hot retreaded premium tyres as for a new tyre.

The new ContiRe CityService HA3 and HD3 are available now in size 315/80 R 22.5. The 295/80 R 22.5 will be available shortly.

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