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ContiLifeCycle™ around the world

Customers worldwide benefit from the ContiLifeCycle™. Curious to get an overview of our activities ? Have a look at the quotes from our ContiLifeCycle experts in the regions EMEA, The Americas, Asia-Pacific (APAC) as well as from the business unit Commercial Specialty Tyres.

Christian Sass, Director Retread Business Truck & Bus Tyres EMEA:

"We have put all of our knowledge from tyre engineering and manufacturing into our ContiLifeCycle plant and thus reached a new level in terms of product performance and characteristics. By producing retreaded tyres with product characteristics that are on par with new tyres, Continental takes a strategic step and heralds a new era for its LifeCycle business."   

John Barnes, ContiLifeCycle Manager The Americas:

"Right now, we have more than 30 authorised ContiTread dealers in the Americas. Our goal is to provide our ContiTread licensees with a complete offering that allows dealers to grow their business with premium products, engineering and technical assistance as well as operational support."   

Joao Almeida, Head of Production and R&D Retread APAC:

"With our established pre-cured tread liner production in Malaysia, we are ready to implement the ContiLifeCycle concept in the APAC region. The factory is up and running, supplying our ContiLifeCycle partners all over the APAC region with high-quality pre-cured tread liners."   

Philippe Barabinot, Head of Marketing Commercial Specialty Tyres:

"Due to a share of about 65 percent recycled material in our Continental LifeCycle tyres, we will be able to save approx. 360 tons of material over new tyres in 2014. Reusing selected tyres also lowers the price of the product. With customers’ help this large-scale recycling initiative will help to bring down the number of scrap tyres needing disposal as well as the emission of climate-changing CO2."